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"No, wait…It’s…I don’t know…what is that? Is it a beetle? Who does your public relations? Who do you represent again?"

From the emotionally overwrought "…And To All A Good Night" published in Amazing Adventures #5 (March 1971). Written by Roy Thomas, art by Gene Colan and Bill Everett with lettering by Artie Simek.

This story is semi-famous among comic book fans due to the Black Widow shower scene for reasons associated with ‘celebrity skin’. But there is much ado about nothing. Colan or Everett probably didn’t sneak in a nipple as many would like to believe unless for some reason they gave her two adjacent to the other. If you look closely you can even see a line of bumps or ink bubbles of descending sizes in the area. If they did then it is understandable as basic human anatomy and at the time comics were for a rapidly maturing market and were popular among college aged readers.

More than likely what appears to be a oddly-placed group of nipples are artifacts of the 1970s printing process. There is even a difference between the first printing in 1971 and the reprint 3 years later Marvel Treasury Special Giant Superhero Grab-Bag (1974). Subsequent reprints and improved coloring have removed the appearance of nipples completely.

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